Could uncertainty provide an opportunity for communicating internationally?

The next chapter of the Brexit saga has reared its contentious head  as the government published the first set of 25 notices advising on the possibility of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. This is the first batch of up to 80 advisory notices the government is set to publish in the coming months.

This has understandably stoked the political fires, with hyperbole from both sides of the Brexit fence being thrown around with wanton abandon.

While the government is first offering advice on fundamental issues including health, food production, energy, and financial services, the business world has been left largely in a state of flux.

The Director General of the British Chamber of Commerce, Adam Marshall, provided a very simple acid test for the government’s ‘no deal’ advice: “do firms now have the clarity they need so that they can continue to conduct business both here at home and across borders on 30 March 2019?” The coming months will tell, but if recent history has taught us anything it is to expect more questions than answers.

While businesses are understandably forced to put some decisions on hold amidst the ongoing uncertainty, does this state of flux create an international communications opportunity for UK-based businesses?

From our UK perspective it is easy to forget that there is also uncertainty on the continent and there is a heightened level of attention on us from the outside world. At such times, if done in a considered manner, opportunistic businesses can use this attention to their advantage and promote their credentials more successfully to a captive audience outside the UK.

These businesses stand to be in better shape as we move into a post-Brexit world, having used the period of uncertainty to catch the eye of new markets and prepare for new  opportunities.  While many firms adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach, dynamic enterprises are ensuring they are positioned perfectly to capitalise immediately whatever the final shape of egress.

Sometimes when we can’t control the world around us the best thing to do is not sit and wait, but to focus on putting our best foot forward and winning through action while others sit too comfortably in limbo.

Written by Matthew Pears, Associate Director

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