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The power of boycotts

Boycotts have a mixed history of success. However, as social media becomes increasingly prevalent, they can become more and more powerful.

March: monthly social roundup

Wondering what happened in social media in March? Read our roundup!

February: monthly social roundup

Catch up on the social media news from February including Snapchat’s IPO, Facebook TV and Instagram carousel posts.

Is Twitter really a news site?

Twitter now characterises itself as a news site rather than a social network – but is this just a rogue decision from them or a representation of the zeitgeist?

Will Facebook Workplace…work?

Ever shouted across the office at somebody to ask them a quick question, or sent them an email to ask something that really shouldn’t have taken that long? Have you been distracted by your colleagues constantly coming to ask you questions or calling you internally to discuss something?

September Social Media Roundup

A roundup of all the social media news from September.

Is anybody out there?

An interesting conversation took place in the office this week about blogs. We were wondering whether they have been usurped by social media such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Podcasting yet?

Whilst podcasts are not new, their popularity has surged in recent years thanks to high quality shows such as Serial. The hit non-fiction podcast was broadcast in late 2014 and saw 75 million episodes downloaded after the first season aired.

Social media goes for Gold in the Olympics

Much like the forthcoming US Presidential election, these Olympic Games are an unavoidable presence on social media. The number of monthly active users on Twitter…