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Going for Growth

Providing expert profile-building advice to startups and growth companies as they consolidate their strategic market position and navigate competitive private market funding rounds

Today’s entrepreneurs and founders are targeting deep pools of increasingly discerning growth capital in private markets, with herds of unicorns roaming global markets. For these companies, private no longer means private, as they strive to stand out to the investor community with a compelling equity story, whilst building a sustainable business model and fending off any regulatory risk which could threaten their business model and licence to operate. 

We combine our deep heritage of capital markets with in-house expertise from private equity, growth companies and venture capital. This allows us to advise entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs on demonstrating growth and solid unit economics, engaging effectively with the private capital ecosystem and attracting the most successful private investors as backers. 

Whether it is early-stage startups, growing scaleups or mature companies considering a liquidity event, we help companies deliver on their potential through impactful brand building, compelling investor communications and best-in class reputation management throughout economic cycles

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