Monthly Social Media Roundup (October)

Internet users have five social media accounts


Chart of the day

GlobalWebIndex undertook research into adult internet users on social media worldwide, and discovered that on average, internet users aged 16-64 have accounts on five different social media networks.

Social networking has also become near universal, with 91 per cent of Internet users aged 16-64 having at least one social media account. 

The report also shows that men have slightly more social media accounts than women, and internet users aged between 16-35 have the most accounts, with almost six each on average.


LinkedIn revamps Pulse

LinkedIn revamps Pulse

LinkedIn has revamped its news engine, Pulse, and made it easier, faster and more fun to read and share insights with your LinkedIn connections and followers.

The new design features a change of font and layout, personalised suggested content and a more prominent navigation feature.


Google+ adds polls

Gppgle+ ads polls


Google has rolled out a new Google+ feature that allows users to add a poll to posts on the social media network.

The option to insert a poll is available in the post composition window and you can create a question with up to five choices.


Twitter’s Buy button ready for general release

Twitter’s Buy button ready for general release

Twitter is planning to roll out its mobile Buy button to all organisations in the first quarter of 2015. The new commerce feature was officially unveiled last month and Twitter is currently testing its functionality with selected partners only.

The Buy button will allow consumers to make a purchase or donation directly from a tweeted message. For more information about the new way to make purchases on Twitter, watch this video:


Twitter has added sound

The messaging platform has partnered up with Soundcloud, the audio sharing site, and rolled out audio clips. The Twitter Audio card system adds soundbites to the multimedia already being shared through cards – news, video and photos. Already used by the White House, NASA and a number of musicians, there are many ways to make the most of this new feature.     The first video ads hit Instagram Instagram has launched its premium, 15-second autoplay spots with a selection of partners, including Banana Republic and Disney. Following an initial testing period of six months, the ads will start appearing in your feed and will be rolled out over the coming weeks.     Facebook page admins can save and backdate posts Facebook now let’s page admins create drafts or posts, which they can either save for later or backdate. The powerful feature can be accessed in the activity menu. To see if you have this feature, look for a toggle button next to the ‘Post’ button.     Facebook click-through rate has increased Facebook page updates reach less fans, but those who do see the posts engage more and click on posts. A study of 8,000 brand pages from August 2013 to August 2014 has revealed that while fan reach dropped by 55% in the period, the click-through rate on links in posts increased by 48%.     Facebook introduces Rooms Facebook has launched its latest app Rooms. The app allows you to create places for the things you’re interested in, and invite others who are interested in them to visit them too. A room consists of a feed of photos, videos, and text with a topic determined by the room creator. The content of existing rooms has already helped connect people based upon a large range of topics. With this in mind, Rooms provides an opportunity for businesses to branch out, directing consumers to their space i.e. product/services through a key theme or topic. Visit the App Store to download Rooms for iPhone.     YouTube to Invest in Top Creators YT official# YouTube has undergone a dramatic transformation over the past four years and to follow suit it has decided to fund new content for some of its top creators. Its aim is to help channels fulfil their creative dreams and deliver new material to their millions of viewers.       And lastly … Her majesty sends her first tweet

Queen Elizabeth II made royal waves by sending a ceremonial first tweet from London’s Science Museum.

Since then, the tweet via @BritishMonarchy has received more than 43,000 retweets, 47,000 favourites and numerous @replies, including:


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