March Social Media Roundup

Getting a blue tick may be closer than you think…

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey revealed in a Periscope stream last month that the company is working to expand its blue verification checkmark to all users. He said, “The intention is to open up verification to everyone, and to do it in a way that’s scalable, where we’re not in the way and people can verify more facts about themselves.” It comes after the platform admitted verification is ‘broken’ on the platform.

LinkedIn cracks down on hate speech and abuse

One would think that a social network for professionals would be a professional place, yet the platform has seen increased cases of abuse and insults on the platform. With that in mind, LinkedIn announced its new Professional Community Policies in a blog post, saying that it will start cracking down on users that break those policies.

Is Facebook the new LinkedIn?

Facebook is staying true to its quest to become more meaningful in people’s lives by rolling out its ‘Jobs’ feature to 40 more countries – including the UK. Tech Crunch postulates that it will be more relevant for jobs in retail or service industries, rather than de-throning LinkedIn as the go-to tool for corporate headhunting.

Messenger upgrades business tools

Facebook’s Messenger application ramped up its business appeal by adding some exciting new features. Among the updates is a new feature that lets users share their contact information with a business with one click and an alert system that tells customers when a business has responded to them, among other things.

Will the future of workplace messaging be… Google?

Tired of receiving 10 separate emails on the same topic? Slack revolutionised workplace communications by allowing colleagues to communicate in a ‘messenger’ style app, and last month Google announced that it is launching its own version called Hangouts Chat. Like Slack, the platform groups communications around projects and groups, to help streamline conversations.

YouTube invests in live-streaming

The video giant announced that it is introducing a host of new options to make live streaming more engaging. There will be automatic English captioning and geo-tagging, making it easier to digest and find content on the platform, though the most interesting upgrade is that content creators will be able to link their stream to other devices connected to the internet, like drones and smart lights.

Twitter News! Literally…

Are you more interested in keeping up with real news than the latest on the Kardashians? To reinforce Twitter’s identity as a news platform, it tested a feature that would introduce a news highlight reel to users’ feeds. Staff would choose the most critical news items to appear at the top of timelines each day, and by clicking on these items, users would be directed to a list of relevant tweets, curated by the Twitter team.

Facebook looks to boost its Watch proposition

You didn’t miss the letter announcing that the social network now makes trendy timepieces – Watch is Facebook’s video platform. The company has been in talks with ten major news outlets about producing roughly three minute videos that would live in the Watch tab and could also appear in the main News Feed, according to a source. News companies would also be able to launch live videos during breaking news.

LinkedIn allows users to make video content more engaging

You might associate filters and statuses on video posts with Snapchat and Instagram, but LinkedIn is the latest platform to introduce them to its members’ video content. These fun text styles will help users understand what is happening within video, even when users watch with sound off.

Instagram allows users to link to profiles and include hashtags in bios

Brands and influencers rejoice as you can finally link to profiles and hashtags in biographies

Partnering with influencers on the platform just became that much easier, as Instagrammers will be able to link to their sponsors and leverage campaign specific hashtags.

Facebook tests the use of voice notes

Can’t be bothered to type on your smartphone keyboard to post your latest status update to Facebook? Worry no more, because the social media giant announced that it’s testing a new option which would enable users to share voice clips as status updates.


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