We can help you navigate the ever-growing political and regulatory landscape.

Our team offers a range of services to help you understand what’s going on in government, get your point of view across to the people who matter and handle unexpected situations as they arise.

From intelligence and analysis to advocacy and relationship management, we help you manage your political profile with confidence.

Intelligence & Monitoring

We provide detailed coverage and expert analysis of policy developments in Westminster, the devolved administrations and Brussels. Our experts cover governments, political parties, trade bodies and think tanks to ensure you are informed at every stage of the policy development and legislative processes.

Engagement & Relationship Management

From crafting messaging for use with political audiences to identifying where and how in the political process such messages need to be heard, we have successfully developed a range of clients profiles within the public policy sphere. Our first-hand experience and understanding of government’s inner workings help us get the right messages across to the right people at the right time.

Research & Analysis

We provide in-depth research and analysis that help clients understand how a political issue or policy will affect their business. Our expertise and research capabilities allow us to produce authoritative papers on all areas and trends of government policy and public affairs.

Select Committee Coaching

The prospect of appearing in front of a parliamentary committee can be daunting. Our training is designed to enhance clients ability to communicate confidently under all circumstances and to handle potentially difficult and hostile situations. We teach techniques and use simulated scenarios that allow them to navigate the process with confidence.

Best Practice

We believe firmly in an open and transparent approach to public affairs consultancy. Our team is a member of the voluntary industry regulator, the Association of Professional Political Consultants, and complies with all relevant legislation in this area.

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