Asset managers need to ‘speak green’ in 2019

‘Responsible’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘impact’ have become the major buzzwords in the asset management industry this year. As institutional investors become increasingly mindful of the need to match returns with social and environmental responsibilities, asset managers are adapting their strategies accordingly to keep up with demand.

Why your PR job will not be replaced by artificial intelligence tomorrow

6 key takeaways from this year’s AMEC Summit, from our Head of Digital at CFF Communications in Amsterdam This year’s AMEC summit in Barcelona showed just how much the PR measurement sector has evolved. When the Barcelona Principles were presented eight years ago, advertising value estimates (AVEs) were commonly used to measure the performance of…

Private equity should take a global approach to communications

At a recent private equity conference, one speaker suggested that “winter is coming” for the industry. The logic was that private equity firms globally had benefitted from an historic bull market in equities since the Fed began purchasing assets in spring 2009, enabling many GPs (General Partners) to make extremely strong returns for their investors;…