Safety in Numbers: According to New Research

Flick through any newspaper and you’ll find that research is the backbone of many news stories. Safety in Numbers looks at why it is so effective – and why it cannot be taken for granted…

Safety in Numbers: Wenger Out, Three Billion In

The only blog post you will read this summer that doesn’t pass judgement of Arsène Wenger’s 22 years as Arsenal manager. This weekend, much-lauded-then-maligned-then-lauded-again Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger managed Arsenal for the 1,235th and last time. A lot has happened to the world of football since the 13th August 1996 – nearly 22 years ago…

Safety in Numbers: The Birthday Paradox

This time, Safety in Numbers celebrates its birthday the only way it knows how – but it’s not the only one… The Birthday Paradox is more than slightly counterintuitive in that it goes against everything we assume about probability.

Safety in Numbers… but for how long?

At a time when “post-truth” news is flooding our news and social media feeds, what does the future hold for research?

Safety in Numbers: Our research team reviews 2016

Forget Brexit and Trump. David Bowie’s death was the low point of 2016. Safety in Numbers tries to make sense of the madness in what has been a tough year for superfans.

Safety in Numbers: Dr. Feelsafe (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Probability)

This week Safety In Numbers goes on holiday and explores the impact that probability has on our perception of the world.

Safety in Numbers: The Best Day of the Year?

Brexit. Terrorism. Donald Trump. The papers are full of doom and gloom these days. Fortunately, Safety in Numbers has some good news for you…

Safety in Numbers: Are the stats against England in France?

The dissection of England’s Euro 2016 campaign has already begun following their imperious 1-1 draw with an unfancied Russian side ranked 29th in the world.

The Bank Of Mum And Dad Is A 100% Winner

  Google the phrase Bank of Mum and Dad and you get 19.9 million hits, while doing the same with 100% mortgages produces 37.4 million.