Everything you need to know about Reddit

Digital updates frequently come from the same companies: Facebook (and its sisters Instagram and WhatsApp), Twitter, Google/YouTube and Snapchat. As of late however, another name keeps popping up: Reddit.

March Social Media Roundup

Getting a blue tick may be closer than you think… Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey revealed in a Periscope stream last month that the company is working to expand its blue verification checkmark to all users. He said, “The intention is to open up verification to everyone, and to do it in a way that’s scalable,…

February Social Media Roundup

New emojis! The Unicode Consortium announced last month that 157 new emojis will be introduced this year. Buzzworthy updates include the introduction of more hairstyles, including: red-haired, white-haired, bald and curly emojis; expressions for hot/cold; and a ‘pleading’ emoji with large sad eyes. The update also ushers in the bagel, lobster and tooth among others….