I’ve got an integrated marketing campaign!

ITV’s hugely popular reality show Love Island has come to an end, and while many of the competitions, conversations and challenges in the programme should be avoided by corporates, the show does a fantastic job integrating its marketing across channels, such that the awareness of the programme goes way beyond those who watch the shows…

The Plastic Problem

Theresa May recently made another announcement in the war on plastic, stating that plastic straws and cotton buds could be banned in England in a bid to cut plastic waste. This announcement was made at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, with the idea to position the UK as a world leader on tackling plastic…

Everything you need to know about Reddit

Digital updates frequently come from the same companies: Facebook (and its sisters Instagram and WhatsApp), Twitter, Google/YouTube and Snapchat. As of late however, another name keeps popping up: Reddit.

March Social Media Roundup

Getting a blue tick may be closer than you think… Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey revealed in a Periscope stream last month that the company is working to expand its blue verification checkmark to all users. He said, “The intention is to open up verification to everyone, and to do it in a way that’s scalable,…

MAKING A STAND – Should brands provide moral leadership?

MAKING A STAND – Should brands provide moral leadership?

Unilever received a lot of plaudits recently for a speech by its chief marketing officer on the issue of digital marketing.  He has stated that the company could withdraw its advertising from online platforms such as Facebook if they don’t eradicate content which creates division in society and promotes anger and hate*. This capturing of…

What a difference two decades makes

Rewind the clock back to the summer of 1997 and Her Majesty the Queen was in the midst of one of the biggest PR disasters in living memory following the tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Would your consumers become campaigners for you?

This year we have seen a number of companies ask their customers to campaign on their behalf, either explicitly or through establishing community groups.