Hautai Securities

CDR acted for Huatai Securities, one of the leading brokerages and wealth management firms in China in its GDR Offering on the London Stock Exchange in June 2019.



Huatai Securities was largely unknown in Europe and the Shanghai-London Stock Connect was a new and unfamiliar market segment. The Stock Connect programme had been in development for several years and a previous attempt by Huatai to list on the market in December 2018 had to be postponed while technical issues were resolved.


A fully coordinated communications programme by CDR’s Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and London offices engaged with media globally. A key element for UK media was and educating them about the company’s business and strategy, through briefings by CDR. Huatai’s Chairman was used selectively, providing interviews for a targeted range of key media.


The communications programme generated extensive coverage across Chinese and UK media. The Offer raised $1.54 billion, the largest international capital raising by a Chinese company so far in 2019 and the largest GDR Offering since 2012. Huatai’s Chairman was widely quoted across top-tier media, including the Financial Times and appeared on CNBC.