We have dealt with your worst case scenario.

In the most high pressure situations our consultants remain cool; they have handled the crisis you are experiencing before. Corporate conduct issues, operational failures, financial irregularities, product recalls, union activism, supply chain issues, employee disputes, customer complaints and more, we will remove the pressure and advise how best to respond. We anticipate crises, develop crisis scenarios and build effective response programmes.

Issue Management and Crisis Preparation

We anticipate crises, develop and test crisis scenarios and create crisis response programmes. We have decades of experience in managing serious crisis situations, ranging from company reforms and layoffs to product failure. We work with clients to identify vulnerabilities to prevent crises from occurring.

The agency recognises speed of response is crucial in a real-time publishing environment, when stories break immediately on social media. We liaise directly with the media during crises via 24/7/365 press offices and act as company spokespeople when required, co-ordinating messages and communications activity across investors, analysts and other key stakeholders.

Crisis Communications (operational and reputational)

At Citigate Dewe Rogerson, we realize what impact a crisis could potentially have on how your company can operate and how it affects your company’s reputation and that of its leadership. This impact can be felt in the sort run as well as in the long run.

Citigate Dewe Rogerson will always keep in mind the clients operational and reputational interests in mind when developing a crisis communications strategy in order to minimize the crisis’ lingering effects.

Litigation Support

Is your company embroiled in a legal battle or court case that could potentially damage the company’s reputation in the public or corporate sphere? Citigate Dewe Rogerson will work tirelessly with the legal team to translate the complex legal story into an understandable narrative geared towards a larger audience.

Crisis Coaching and Training

We specialise in crisis training: helping our clients to handle hostile journalists, investors and commentators and diffusing potential issues before they turn into problems. We train client teams how to identify and respond to crises – including developing crisis manuals, escalation and response procedures.

We media train company spokespeople and CEOs to ensure they are equipped to handle a crisis situation and the glare of the cameras. Former journalists and fund managers test stress clients’ response programmes with realistic simulations – identifying how your team would really respond in a crisis situation.

Media Monitoring

Our Media Intelligence team monitors all media coverage that is relevant to your organization, in Belgium, Benelux and international, from newspapers, newswires and online media, and on request also radio, television and social media. This can be on the company itself, competitors or the sector. A complete, relevant and compact news overview in your inbox, translated into English or Dutch, every day – that’s our media intelligence in brief.

During crises, Citigate Dewe Rogerson can scale up the monitoring significantly and rely on state of the tools so that you know the latest news from the press as soon as it happens. We also consult the client on how to respond to breaking news.

Internal Communications

Through organisational change communications, we keep employees up-to-date throughout every step of the transformation. Change communications address the needs of employees and stakeholders during this uncertain time, guaranteeing that they are kept front of mind throughout the time of change and managing the effects after implementation.

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