Financial communications? We speak your language

Communicating with financial media, analysts and investors can make or break reputations, transactions and their valuations. It’s a serious business. Our clients get intelligent strategies, created and executed by professionals with over 20 years’ experience that deliver the best possible outcomes.

We’ve been doing this since for over two decades and it’s still the core of what we do, acting for over 100 Belgian and international companies, governments and organisations, advising on high profile corporate crises, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, shareholder activism and corporate litigation.

Media Relations & Reputation Management

Media relations is part of our DNA. Over the years, we have built solid relationships with general, financial, specialist and online media. Our media relations strategy is focused on increasing and improving brand awareness and reputation. Our close relationships with the media enable us to pro-actively generate free publicity. We are very aware of topical themes and swiftly address relevant matters, creating opportunities for your company. And we can secure coverage in international media, as we work with our colleagues at our sister companies in other countries.

Our Media Intelligence team monitors all media coverage that is relevant to your organization, in Belgium, Benelux and international, from newspapers, newswires and online media, and on request also radio, television and social media. A complete, relevant and compact news overview in your inbox, translated into English, French and/or Dutch, every day – that’s our media intelligence in brief. 

IPOs & Capital Market Transactions

We have a strong experience in IPOs and capital raising for a variety of companies and amounts.

Operations are always moments of high exposure for companies that can sometimes be critical. We have a very in depth understanding of the issues to be addressed and the expectations that must be met to ensure the success of these operations in the short and medium term. We are experts in managing media relations, analysts and investors through IPO, dual-track, secondary offerings, public offerings and privatizations.

More generally, we strive to minimize the reputational risks inherent in this type of operation, to control and manage all the messages sent to the various targets and thus to reinforce the image of the companies with whom we work.


From the smallest acquisition to a transformative operation, we build simple and powerful messages, monitor the speaking engagements, set up an active program of communication with the financial community, asses the project’s strategy and have our finger on the pulls of market reactions.

The stakes are twofold: to succeed in the operation or to prevent it (in the face of a hostile offer) and to protect the commercial activity of the company in a period of uncertainty. We help our clients to explain to investors the merits and possible stumbling blocks of their operation and to answer any questions or concerns that employees, customers, regulators and any other person who may inhibit the project’s smooth completion.

Investor Relations and Aftermarket Relations

Our dedicated investor relations team has a track record of more than 20 years in advising boards, senior executives and IROs worldwide to build their profiles among the investment community and nurture relationships with key decision makers.
Whether you are looking to attract debt or equity investors, enhance your investment case or gain a better understanding of how your key messages are being received and interpreted by the investment community, we can help.

Coaching and Training

The better prepared you are, the more successful you’ll be. Whether this involves preparation for an interview, a strategy presentation or the delivery of a difficult message, practice makes perfect. We do not believe in ‘over trained’ spokespersons; we do believe in the power of authenticity and honesty. During our training sessions, we advise you on how to steer clear of corporate jargon and provide you with the insight you need to captivate an audience with your message. Confidence, results and humour are key elements in our training sessions.

Special Issues and Crisis and Litigation

In the most high pressure situations our consultants remain cool; they have handled the crisis you are experiencing before. Corporate conduct issues, operational failures, financial irregularities, product recalls, union activism, supply chain issues, employee disputes, customer complaints and more, we will remove the pressure and advise how best to respond. We anticipate crises, develop crisis scenarios and build effective response programmes.