Festive Grand Opening of New DHL Hub at Brussels Airport

On 22 February 2018, our client DHL Aviation opened its new Brussels hub in a grand way! They spared no efforts; and neither did we!

The CDR PR team (working under the Grayling brand name) was in charge of organizing all media relations during the event, arranging a large-scale press conference, a guided tour of the new facility and numerous on-the-spot (live and taped) interviews with DHL management.

More than 80 (!) journalists from all over Europe reported on the event, and in Belgium the story appeared on all relevant national and local television and radio stations and was featured prominently in online and print outlets (mainstream as well as trade press).

Nothing but happy faces in the end! The entire PR team worked very hard on the event, but the final result was very rewarding. Congratulations to DHL for its new state-of-the art hub and its festive grand opening. Thanks for the pleasant collaboration!