Expert profiling for SD Worx

Record braking traffic jams, ‘work-from-home alerts’, the (over)abundance of company cars… mobility has been a very hot topic in the Belgian media in the past few months.

Read: many opportunities for our client, the market leading HR service provider SD Worx, to take an active role in the debates and demonstrate its expertise in the area. Our PR team spotted the expertise gap and dove right in!


Because of the social relevance of the debate. Will our traffic jams (and their economic cost) ever decrease instead of continuing to increase, is a question many people – from CEOs to employees – are asking themselves. After a long period of political bickering, the Belgian Government was desperate to quickly approve the ‘cash for car’ bill, allowing employees to substitute their company car in exchange for an increase in net wage. But then it turned out there was also a second proposal on the table: a fully-fledged ‘mobility budget’. Confusion galore… Is there an expert in the house?


Every year, SD Worx conducts a large-scale mobility survey. The focus this year was on the (lack of) support among employers and employees for the newly proposed measures ‘cash for car’ and the mobility budget. One survey, but multiple communication opportunities, we thought!

Icing on the cake was the opinion piece “Mobility budget is better than cash for car” that we successfully placed for SD Worx in two Belgian newspapers (De Tijd and La Libre Belgique).