Press Release: Payment platform iBanFirst opens its new office in Antwerp

Antwerp, September 4th 2018 – The Fintech company iBanFirst officially opened its new office in Antwerp today. iBanFirst allows companies to make foreign payments and money transfers in 25 currencies through its online payment platform using real time FX exchange rates. The company will continue its expansion in Flanders with a new sales team of five. The office is located at Uitbreidingsstraat 84 near Berchem station in Antwerp.

iBanFirst was founded in 2013 by CEO Pierre Antoine Dusoulier. It is headquartered in Brussels and has offices in Paris, Dijon and Limassol. The company currently employs 65 people. iBanFirst has already filled two of the five new positions in Antwerp and will be actively recruiting in the upcoming weeks.

Since it was founded, iBanFirst has already serviced more than 1,500 clients. In January 2018, iBanFirst was the first payment platform to be connected to the Isabel platform thereby providing currency prices in real time. By July, iBanFirst became one of the first payment establishments to reach the DSP2 agreements for account information (AISP) and payment initiation (PISP) with the Belgian regulator. AISP and PISP are designed to improve customer experience by opening consumer banking data sharing in a secure way.

Jeroen Hoevers, iBanFirst’s Country Manager in Belgium is happy with the new office launch: “Flanders is an important market with a lot of potential. As Flemish companies conduct a lot of trade with companies outside of the Eurozone, an online payment platform that allows them to pay easily, cheaply, and without any hidden costs in multiple currencies offers an interesting alternative to traditional banks in this area. Antwerp’s central location allows us to better serve our Flemish clients and to increase our market presence in this region.”

About iBanFirst

iBanFirst offers a solution that is cost-effective, secure, simple and fast. It recognises that traditional banks provide a wide range of services for business, but specifically for FX services to companies, iBanFirst is a genuine alternative to their complex, costly, slow service and hidden fees. Instead, iBanFirst offers a platform whose technology is purpose-built for efficient ease of use by its clients, while also being fully transparent. iBanFirst was recognized as one of the 50 “Emerging stars” of the worldwide fintech by KPMG and H2 Ventures..

Licenced by the National Bank of Belgium, iBanFirst is the only 100% online service to create multiple IBANs for 25 different currencies on behalf of companies. The best FX for companies, with iBanFirst better banking means better business.

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