Nikon Press Photo Awards 2018: ‘A prestigious Award from and for press photographers’

On 29 March 2018, Nikon will announce the winners of the ‘Nikon Press Photo Awards 2018’.

For this edition, Nikon adopted a fresh new concept. Our PR team not only took care of the communication for the event, but also consulted Nikon on the new format.

This year, 86 journalists submitted a total of 604 photos in the categories ‘news’ and ‘sports’. To select the 30 finalists, Nikon called on all participating press photographers and photo editors of professional media outlets and press agencies. This year Nikon will award three prizes: one for the best news photo, one for the best sports photo and the public award, which everybody can vote for online.

All winners will be announced next Thursday, so keep an eye on our Grayling PR twitter account @GraylingPR_be!

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