Safety in Numbers: Iconoclastic Monikers and the Wisdom of Crowds

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  The NERC’s new research vessel and its flotilla of supporters strike a blow to the Natural Environment Research Council – and Aristotle… The wisdom of crowds has always been an intriguing phenomenon. Aristotle’s 4th Century BC theory that the collective insight from a group of individuals can be as accurate as that of a…

Shrinking sell-side research: should we be concerned?

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  Cast your mind back to September 2008 and the implosion of the once mighty Lehman Brothers empire. Remember when Nomura swooped down on the smouldering remains to pick up the European and Asian operations for a relative song? This decisive and swift move was then widely feted as Nomura would be catapulted in an…

The sharpest PR tools in the ETF arena

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  All businesses face the same principal challenges – innovation and marketing. While it is important to develop great new products, it is also essential to tell your existing and potential customers about them. A good example of how pressing these two issues can be is found in the exchange traded fund/product (ETF/ETP) sector. ETFs/ETPs…

Safety in Numbers: Lies, damned lies and statistics?


  Numbers are everywhere. They are the best way to quantify the world around us – from gauging how warm our environment is to helping us figure out whether to buy the Philips HR1867/21 Viva Collection Quick Clean Juicer or the Morphy Richards 48415 Easy Blend.

Research shows that markets are recovering their mojo

Financial Markets

Research published by S&P Capital IQ, the financial data and analytics provider, gives a perceptive insight into how far financial markets have moved on from the uncertainty and fear that have overshadowed them over the last five years. Data from the global sovereign credit default swaps market in Q1 2014, which is a barometer of…