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budget 2017

Budget 2017

Correctly predicting what’s going to be in the Budget is akin to completing the football pools or picking the lottery numbers, given the variables and levers that a Chancellor has to pull at any one time.

A winning communications strategy for Brexit

Commenting on the political issues surrounding Brexit are best left alone by a PR agency (even if was the hottest topic of debate for our office in 2016). However, one aspect of Brexit that does lend itself to observations by such an institution is the manner in which the issues were communicated.

Political podcast recommendations

If you’re looking for something to listen to either on the daily commute or in the gym, it can be pretty overwhelming scrolling through the seemingly endless list of shows now available at the touch of a button. As a handy guide, here are five political/ current affairs podcasts to listen to in 2017.

Brexit and chill

Search for Brexit on Google and you can expect 165,000,000 (and counting) hits in just 0.33 seconds which is some achievement for a term that was first coined in June 2012, according to the online MacMillan Dictionary…