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Are events the new clickbait?

With technology impacting almost every business model you can think of, it’s not surprising that enterprising organisations everywhere are seeking new opportunities to build revenues.

A question of truth

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. In a court of law perhaps, but “truth” is often not so black and white in the public utterances of leaders.

The world in your pocket

It’s a camera. A diary. A sat nav. A word processor. A games console. A wallet. A train ticket. A television. A boarding pass. A newspaper. A map. A video recorder. A calendar. A social media forum. A means to hail a cab. Oh, and a phone.

The customer’s always right, right?

“A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes” is a quote widely attributed to Mark Twain but which ironically, may have never actually been uttered by him. As we go online to establish ‘facts’, we often find ourselves in a cycle of verification, with sources pointing to…

Talking like Trump

  Donald J Trump is making me question my professional wisdom. He does everything I tell clients not to do. He opens his mouth without thinking. He directly insults competitors. He seems to relish confronting contentious subjects that will make him deeply unpopular with many. He even does things I wouldn’t have even thought of…

PR and journalism – A marriage made in heaven?

  The often love-hate relationship between PR and journalist has fascinated me from the day I began my career. Every PR has encountered the full range of journalist ‘types’, from the old school hack to the pushy ‘I need it right now’ headline hunter. Journalists may also have their well-publicised gripes with PRs and while…

Everyone’s a winner

  It is officially Awards Season for the movie industry with the Golden Globes hosted again this year by Ricky Gervais on January 10th – the first of the big three. On February 14th it’s the Baftas in London playing host to many of the same stars in the build-up to the big one which…