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budget 2017

Budget 2017

Correctly predicting what’s going to be in the Budget is akin to completing the football pools or picking the lottery numbers, given the variables and levers that a Chancellor has to pull at any one time.

A Tale of Two Parties: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”

In the last fortnight, two very different party conferences have occurred; Labour’s in Liverpool and the Conservative’s in Birmingham. For the most part, Conservative attendees – finding themselves in a majority government, with an exit from the EU in the offing and a Prime Minister channelling a bit of their heroine, Mrs Thatcher – were by far the happier.

Brexit and chill

Search for Brexit on Google and you can expect 165,000,000 (and counting) hits in just 0.33 seconds which is some achievement for a term that was first coined in June 2012, according to the online MacMillan Dictionary…

What’s all this talk about “Article 50”?

The referendum result is not legally-binding. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is the instrument which exists in law to allow for countries to leave the EU. But until it is invoked – until a prime minster presses the “red button” – Britain’s relationship with the bloc remains the same. Once it is pressed, the…

Forget Brexit, what about BrAmerica?

In the brouhaha about Brexit (and of course Bremain), one option has been completely missed: Britain ignores Europe and joins with the US, either partially or in a full fiscal, monetary and legislative union. For those of us considering voting to stay in the EU, it could be argued that all of the reasons to…

Brexit Or Remain: approaching the final furlong

The impending EU referendum, and the possibility of a Brexit, have dominated the news for what feels like months, despite indications that many people are fed up with it. Recent polling and focus groups suggest that the increasingly impenetrable soup of horror stories, utopian promises and questionable statistics, which has characterised the campaign, is a…