Donald Trump

It’s a whole new paradigm…

Corporate and Consumer PR

We are in uncharted waters. The television news has become a reality TV show with each day bringing updates on what Trump did today. And not a day goes past without several momentous announcements or proclamations.

The Challenge of the Political Earworm


The Trump administration has surprised everyone withits ability to undermine its own message. This is exemplified no better than the birth of the phrase that may prove to be the political earworm of Trumps’ tenure in the White House.

Post-truth politics is taking over, except in the places where it isn’t


George Orwell famously wrote that in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Except, of course, he never wrote anything of the sort.

Assets that offer real opportunities for investors (and PRs)

Financial Markets

As much as Donald Trump’s public relations faux pas regarding Gold Star parents has dominated the headlines, we must hope that the real focus will be on the more serious issues…

Social media & the US election

Social Media

The world is currently on tenterhooks watching what has undoubtedly become one of the most newsworthy elections ever – the US Presidential race. It would also be fair to say that this particular election is the “social media election”. The last race, in 2012, was the first since Twitter use became mainstream, with around 200…

In Politics Or PR: Never Assume


There are differing views as to whether the people of America got the ‘change’ they voted for when President Obama won the first of his two terms of office. The fact that he beat Hillary Clinton, who at the time was the shoe-in candidate to the Democrat candidacy, was not predicted. With Donald Trump now…

Talking like Trump

Business,Communications,Media,Politics,PR Campaign

  Donald J Trump is making me question my professional wisdom. He does everything I tell clients not to do. He opens his mouth without thinking. He directly insults competitors. He seems to relish confronting contentious subjects that will make him deeply unpopular with many. He even does things I wouldn’t have even thought of…

Who says that politics has become predictable?


At the beginning of 2015 who would have guessed that the Conservatives would secure a general election victory, the obscure backbencher Jeremy Corbyn would win the Labour leadership contest…