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Gauging Asian investor hedge fund appetite

There has been a huge amount of coverage about the decisions of Calpers, Nycers and the New Jersey Investment Council to get out of or reduce their hedge fund allocations, but the big move into hedge funds by Asian institutional investors this year has not been so widely reported.

‘Consolidation’ climbs up the corporate agenda

Evidence of consolidation in the UK financial services sector, as well as more broadly across Europe, has been on the rise steadily for the last 12 months, and according to a note from Numis on 10th June it’s set to move up the corporate agenda.

The sharpest PR tools in the ETF arena

  All businesses face the same principal challenges – innovation and marketing. While it is important to develop great new products, it is also essential to tell your existing and potential customers about them. A good example of how pressing these two issues can be is found in the exchange traded fund/product (ETF/ETP) sector. ETFs/ETPs…

Asset managers see the digital light

Asset management companies are going through a step change in their attitude towards social media. In the past, many companies did not think clients wished to receive communications via social media. Feedback from many high net worth clients, who have traditionally and understandably appreciated discretion from those looking after their money, thought of tweets as…