Forget Brexit, what about BrAmerica?


In the brouhaha about Brexit (and of course Bremain), one option has been completely missed: Britain ignores Europe and joins with the US, either partially or in a full fiscal, monetary and legislative union.

For those of us considering voting to stay in the EU, it could be argued that all of the reasons to do so ring truer for us to join the US. The cultural, legal and historical ties with the US are very strong; economically, the US remains the only true superpower, and the dollar remains the currency of choice. In terms of quality of life and GDP, the US is far above most other countries.

If you’re going to merge with somebody, why not merge with the best?

Think of the last hundred years or so and in all fields the US has led the way: in technology, computing, the arts, cinema, medicine, space exploration, economics, sports, academia and so forth (and yes, militarily too…). Not surprising to see that Time magazine called the history of the 20th century the history of the United States of America. Even in the 21st century, with the rise of China onto the global stage, the US remains the bastion of the world economy. Period.

It wouldn’t all be plain sailing of course: the US national debt is something to behold (though so is the EU’s… and the UK’s). The role the Queen and the Royal Family would play is not clear (William and Kate would undoubtedly be very popular). Personally, I’m no fan of Hershey bars either.

The one question is whether the US would have us. Research carried out in 2014 by Fraser Nelson, the Editor of The Spectator, concluded that, if Britain was join the US, it would be poorer than all of the other states in America apart from Mississippi. Without the South-east, Britain would also be considered worse off than America’s most-deprived state as well. Nelson said that Britain would rank 50th out of 51 states based on the gross domestic product per capita figures and cost of living.

Perhaps we could become the 11th province of Canada instead?

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